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Architect Wright said, Wood is the most humane material in the 20th century. The Chinese people's feelings towards wood, has been passed down for thousands of years and has gone deep into the blood. Traditional literature has given it a theme, and ancient architecture has become the carrier. Religious philosophy gives it humanity From ancient times to the present, the affinity and sense of security given by wood to the Chinese are irreplaceable. In today's reinforced concrete forest, wood has become the main sustenance of people's yearning for nature.

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Insulated folding door Yanyu Jiangnan Series GZD95 Thermal-Insulated Folding Door

Classic New Chinese Style and Ancient Style

Antique doors and windows Jiangnan Shuying Series GP75 Thermal-Insulated Antique Doors and Windows

Retro style, new Chinese classic
Select materials with originality

Antique window screen integrated window Yee Mo Series GP55H Antique Screen-Integrated Casement Window

To attract thousands of lights
Retain art and life

Antique casement door Haoyue Guangfeng Series GPM55H Antique Casement Door

Following the characteristics of ancient times
Note the era of purification

Background wall Jingshui Shenliu Series WK60 Backwall

Good wind like water, pure Chinese style
Impressed in the Chinese style lasting appeal

Antique casement door Xueji Tianqing Series GTM210 Antique Casement Door

Elegant and implicit
Rich in Chinese phonology

Antique casement window Xianmeng Jiangnan Series 75D Hidden Fan Antique Casement Windows

Elegant atmosphere
Bright like coloured glaze, not only the facevalue

Background wall, screen Jingshui Shenliu Series WK60 Backwall and Screen

Classic New Chinese Style and Ancient Style

Skirting line, ceiling line Jinse Series Skirting Line and Ceiling Line

Exquisite carving
Embellishing home life

Bogu frame Mo Xiang Series Antique Shelves

Storing wind and gathering gas
Cultivate one's wisdom in life

beauty chair Jingyou Series Beauty Chair

Seeking Art in Simplicity
Simple colors, quiet and remote, and rich in connotation


Retro space system solution provider